professional witness

Many medical malpractice trial cases depend on medical expert testimony. Medical experts are often engaged to relate information regarding the case in a clear and concise way and in a way which allows the judge and the jury to understand the details of the medical information and how it affects the case. Of course, preparing such a witness for a trial when their credentials and their knowledge is put into question, is very important. Attorneys, who generally prepare witnesses for giving testimony, are probably not as well versed in medical fields and medical terminology as a professional medical witness. This is where consultants come in.

medical expertWhy Use a Consultant?

  • Consultants can help in hiring a medical expert. This assistance will help attorneys find the most appropriate medical expert to the specialty relating to the case.
  • Consultants can act as an “expert to the expert”. When preparing for a case, there would be no one better to help prepare expert testimony than one who also has experience and is knowledgeable in the same field.
  • In the case of a medical expert not being able to testify, a consultant could take the place of the expert on the stand because they are already aware of the details of the case and what documents and studies were used when forming an opinion.
  • When hiring a medical expert, it is essential that the professional witness is relatable to the jury and the judge and can also relate needed information without confusing the jury. On the other hand, in the case of a consultant who is not testifying, the attorney doesn’t need to worry about how relatable the consultant is.

Discovery Rules

In essence, because the consultant is not testifying, the consultant’s work, notes, and studies and research that was used to form their opinion does not need to be submitted to opposing counsel. In this case, the attorneys, experts, and consultants can discuss facts regarding the case without worry of having to divulge the same documentation as the expert who is expected to testify. However, this depends on the jurisdiction and the decision of the judge as to whether documents need to be submitted for consultants.

Overall, hiring a consultant can have incredible benefits to an attorney and a medical expert. Specific facts about the case and evidence that is presented can be difficult for many people to understand and even more difficult to explain those facts in layman’s terms so the jury can use the information in making a decision. When there are two medical experts they can mull over the details and discover the best way to present the details that will give your case the advantage it may need to be successful.

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