medical expert witness

Medical cases often require a significant amount of supporting evidence, such as medical records, images and doctors’ notes. Since the public, the jury and legal professionals are familiar with general medical terms, it is the role of the medical expert to “translate” specific information and medical terminology which may be at times be confusing and difficult to understand. Not only do experts have the knowledge and experience needed to analyze the information of the case, but an expert will also teach, will be able to explain the details of the case in a way to the jury and judge that they easily understand. Utilizing an expert witness in court may have a large impact on the case.

Learn The Difference a Professional Witness Can Make

The Role of the Witness

In the case of natural versus wrongful death, coroners or medical examiners are the medical experts in criminal court cases; however, all physicians are qualified to opine in medical matters and to provide their expertise as an expert witness in a criminal court case. Depending on the legal circumstances, specialists from anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric surgery, neurology or general surgery may be needed to provide an opinion and give assistance to the court, and the expert’s assessment can be crucial to the outcome of the case. While a medical expert in a civil (malpractice) case will give an opinion on whether or not  a plaintiff’s injuries were caused by substandard care or negligence of a medical provider, the opinion of a medical expert in criminal court may support evidence that the defendant committed a crime.

medical expert witnessUnbiased Opinion

It is not unusual that there are more than one view during a court trial on a specific subject. Additionally, there is a lot of information and evidence brought from both sides in order to prove their cases. The majority of the time, science is difficult to dispute. Therefore, with a medical expert providing an opinion based on science, one of the claims can be proved or disproved. A medical expert is not a witness at a trial because he or she is involved in the case in any way, but only to provide an unbiased opinion.

Confirming Evidence

When a defendant is wrongly accused, a medical expert can be brought in to analyze the details of the case and base an opinion on medical evidence. When an expert analyzes details, the jury is able to understand where the opinion came from. When such evidence is provided by a medical professional, the jury is then better able to make their decision.

Disputing Evidence

On the other hand, when a defendant is guilty of causing harm to the plaintiff, there is a greater chance of the defendant fibbing about the situation and details of the circumstance. A medical professional will be able to point out errors in testimony based on their expertise and unbiased opinion.

Having a medical expert provide an unbiased opinion and present that information in a way that can be understood by the judge and jury is vital in the outcome of a case. Whatever the case is about, in whatever medical field the incident occurred, a medical professional is able to analyze the details of the case, confirm or dispute the evidence and the jury is left to decide the outcome. If you are in need of a reliable and trustworthy medical witness, contact APEXpert Witness today.