Surgeries and procedures require the patient to receive anesthesia, whether that’s general, regional, or local anesthesia. al anesthesia.

  • Local anesthesia is applied topically or just below the skin
  • Regional anesthesia is when a local anesthetic is administered close to the spinal cord or a large nerve or nerve bundle blocking the pain transmission. The patient can stay awake for most of procedures, or get some sedation
  • Under general anesthesia, the patient is rendered unconscious with intravenous and inhaled drugs. These drugs suppress breathing which is then artificially supported during surgery

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While many may think that patients who are under anesthesia are asleep, it is a different state of consciousness. Being under general anesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness.

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The overall purpose of using anesthesia is to induce analgesia, or allowing the patient to not feel the pain. Strong analgesics used for surgery are strong narcotics such as morphine, fentanyl, and hydromorphone.

At the beginning of surgery, an anesthesiologist will bring a patient to the state of unconsciousness as quickly as possible, making sure they are in this state for the duration of the surgery, by administering an “induction agent” such as Propofol. Unconsciousness and pain relief is then maintained during surgery with a combination of drugs, which vary on the type of surgery, the pre-existing medical conditions of the patient and many other factors. The patient’s breathing is being supported until spontaneous breathing resumes.

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